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#Vichar_Goshthi: It made my Sunday! Literally! Vichar Goshthi was organised by Bharatiya Vichar Manch. I came to know that Vichar Goshthi is one of many projects run by this NGO. It was fifth such event. It is held every 2 or 3 months. Readers from various fields come together and share their thoughts generated from book they last read.

It was actually glad that there were youngsters who shared their thoughts. One girl was in 11th Science and she shared her views on Vivekanand thoughts.

One reader, namely Rajendrabhai Pandya shared about ‘Jethibai nee chundadi’. Jethibai immigrated in Diu after marriage. She used to do printing work on cloths. She came to know that Portuguese government was encouraging religious conversion of orphan children. She prepared a ‘chundadi’ with message written on it. It can be read only if it was made wet.

She went to meet Portuguess queen in Goa or Daman with ‘SAGADI’ (firepan) and ‘MASHAAL’ (Torch). When queen came to know about this, she ordered to stop religious conversion of orphan children. Not only that, she ordered government band to play in front of Jethibai’s home and when any government officer passing by Jethibai’s home, would respect her by taking hats off.

As a chief guest I talked on following points:

1. There is deliberate move to make us feel shame for our nation, our culture, our language and other things. While we get messages on Diwali to avoid fire crackers, there is no such message on 31st December. Great firecrackers are bursted on 31st.

2. We sustained during so many attacks because we kept attached to our values, our culture, our religion, but now since many years, we are going away from it.

3. Generally Hindu feminists argue why there are rules only for women. It is not such that. Rules for males are also there. Like wearing bindi. It is said that it is for husband. It is not true. It is because to activate Agna Chakra and even male is supposed to wear Tilak on forehead.

Similarly, ornaments are worn due to scientific reason. (I have written an article on it in my Nayak-Khalnayak Column. Interested persons can read it here:

4. Similarly degrading housewife is also not good. Housewife is no way below than working woman. (I have written an article on it on my blog- (

5. Since some months we are hearing intolerance rising in Bharat. But actually no one talks about intolerance against Sikhs, Muslims, Hindus in US and elsewhere in world. In 1988-89, even after Rajiv Gandhi government banning Satanic Verses in Bharat, just within 10 days after it got published in Britain, fanatic muslims went on berserk in Kashmir and Mumbai. Also in case of Kamlesh Tiwari’s alleged statement, even after putting him behind bars, fanatic muslims are on rampage in W.Bengal and Bihar.But media is not giving as much weightage as it gave to #Dadari_Kand.

6. Too much negativity in media.

7. Changing pronunciation of our words- such as yog (योग) yoga (योगा) in influence of English language.

8. It is easy to understand our philosophy and spiritualism through mobile and other technology. I wish I can dwell on it in future as and when opportunity arises.

9. We are forwarding some messages without cross checking its truth. Like our national anthem is declared best of the world by UN,  Australia’s ex pm Julia Gillard asking muslims to adapt or leave…It is not right thing.

10. It is not that Google and US controlled media is free and liberal. I saw news and photos of US government forced Indian students to wear radio collar in 2011. It disappeared just after few days from google. (Although now they are available on few indian sites.) US media didn’t highlight such anti US or anti US government news just because they hate Obama or any other president they don’t like, whereas if such case happened here, our newspapers/channels could have made it big issue.

11. You will be surprised to know that in so called modern society like US/Europe, actress Kate Winslet and British PM David Cameron don’t allow their children to use mobile phones, computer beyond a limit. If Narendra Modi would have put such ban even for his kids (if he had), media and twitterites would have made hue and cry.

12. Many persons cite Kalidas,  Khajuraho and other things in favour of some pervertness or so called boldness. But it is not so. Suppose at present if there is 1 out of 1000 writers or persons (like Kamal R Khan) writes some thing, in future it can not be claimed that in that age all people were like KRK.

It was so interesting programme that no body remembered to click photographs!

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