Mere Baap Pahele AAP

Mere Baap Pahele AAP

by Jaywant Pandya

‘Aam Aadmi Party’ is known by its short name AAP. In Hindi AAP is word of respect used for ‘you’. In Delhi AAP has won on 28 seats and its leader Arvind Kejriwal has defeated Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit. Before four states election results, there was only talk about Narendra Modi. Now every where discussion is about AAP as it has decided to fight lok sabha election. So keeping mind this situation, here is light take on AAP, BJP and congress with 10 Hindi film songs/film titles. Here you go:

(1) AAP Ki Topi, AAP ka chasma
AAP’s main face is Arvind Kejriwal and he has continued to wear ‘Topi’ (Cap) even after parting ways with Anna Hazare and started political party. It was very funny that on last Saturday (14th December, 2013) when he wrote letters to Congress and BJP describing his 18 conditions to take support from them to form government in Delhi, he wore ‘Topi’ on Muffler. Kejriwal also wears glasses. So, people sing this song from ‘Tehelka’ film for him:
AAP ki Topi, Aap ka Chasma
Allah hi allah, maula hi maula

(2) Mere Baap Pahele AAP
This applies to BJP as AAP proved to be ‘Baap’ (father) of all parties, at least in Delhi election. Nobody thought AAP would be second largest party. Afer results, eventhough it emerged as single largest party, BJP is not ready to form government and says,
Mere Baap, Pahele AAP!

(3) AAP mujhe achchhe lagne lage
 Congress leaders were behaving arrogantly and refused to even recognize AAP. But now they are praising it and even ready to support AAP to form govrnment in Delhi saying
AAP mujhe achchhe lagne lage, sapne sachche lagne lage!

(4) AAP ki kasam
BJP leaders specially Narendra Modi may be getting sleepless nights because of AAP’s performance and its declaration that it will fight on all 26 seats in Gujarat. BJP leaders may sing this song:
Karvaten badalte rahe sari raat hum
AAP ki kasam!

(5) AAP yahan aaye kis liye
There was one cartoon published in a daily newspaper after Congress debacle in four state elections in which Sonia Gandhi asks who had challenged Arvind Kejriwal and his colleagues to jump in politics. So now Congress and BJP ask Kejriwal with singing this song:
AAP yahan (politics) aaye kis liye?
Kejriwal replies:
Aap ne bulaya is liye
Congress-BJP leader:
Aaye hai to kaam bhi bataiye
Na na pahele zara aap muskuraiye

(6) Aap yun humko mil jayenge, socha na tha
Film ‘Yes Boss’. Song ‘Ek din AAP yun hamko mil jaayenge, socha na tha’ applies to Congress leaders as they never imagined in their wildest dreams that Arvind Kejriwal and his colleagues would form AAP and crush and throw Congress to third position.

(7) AAP ka kya hoga janab e ali
Leaders like Sheila Dikshit has ruled for good 15 years. So now they may ask AAP leaders that we have ruled for so many years, can AAP rule for even five years? So they sing:
Apni to jaise taise, thodi aise ya waise kat jaayegi
AAP ka kya hoga janabeali

(8) AAP ne yaad dilaya to mujhe yaad aaya
Since many years, all parties more or less forgot common men. They would talk poverty, price rise but ultimately did nothing to control it. Congress lead UPA government removed subsidy on cooking gas, increased petrol and diesel prices. Not only that, Congress leaders including shehzade Rahul Gandhi have made fun of poor by new defintion of BPL (Below poverty line)  and by saying that poverty is state of mind, one can get food in just Rs. 5… But with Delhi election results, now it is thinking to give more gas cylinders on subsidized price. It may sing this song:
AAP ne yaad dilaya to mujhe yaad aaya.

(9) Hum AAP ke deewane hai
Delhi and probably other state public may be singing:
Hum AAP ke deewane hai

(10) AAP ko pahele bhi kahin dekha hai
Actually BJP was formed by some RSS swayamsewaks for purpose of politics with principles and it liked to call itself party with difference. It continues to call itself with this tag. But it was untill it came in power. So Kejriwal and other leaders who talk of politics of honesty are not new. AAP may look like BJP of past. So we can say:
AAP ko pahele bhi kahin dekha hai

(11) AAP ki nazaron ne samjha
But now onwards many, good and bad people will turn to AAP and beg for Arvind Kejriwal’s kripa (favour). If Kejriwal selects them, they will sing:
AAP ki nazaron ne samjha pyar (ticket) ke kaabil mujhe
Dil ki ai dhadkan thaher ja mil gayee mazil mujhe

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