Hum Bhukhe Nango Ka Raj Zaroor Ayega!

Hum Bhukhe Nango Ka Raj Zaroor Ayega!

by Jaywant Pandya

What a dialogue! On Tuesday night (in fact Wednesday morning) I rewatched Mera Naam Joker and Shree 420 back to back on Zee Classic. Yesterday was Raj Kapoor’s death anniversary. In the initial scenes of Shree 420 when Raj wants to sleep on footpath, his friend staying on footpath says satirically: मैं न कहता था, हम भूखे नंगो का राज एक दिन जरूर आयेगा। 

When you rewatch a film every time, you find a new thing which you may not have marked earlier. When in club Maya (Nadira) asks Raj to pretend as Rajkumar. ‪#‎Raj_Kapoor‬ scrolls his hand on face. Upper face shows cute, innocent, honest and joker Raj but after hand is passed his face changes to very smart and cunning Raj. (In background tune of Kisi Ki Muskurahato pe ho nissar plays. The song was taken in Anadi, four years after Shree 420 released . This was another speciality of Raj Kapoor. He used to use tune as background music which was later used in his films).

 Hats off to Raj Kapoor! 

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